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Construction & Trades Software

Updated: May 10, 2021

In trades like maintenance and plumbing, scheduling software makes all the difference allowing you to respond efficiently and effectively to clients, making sure to keep everything on track. In these trades, and construction particularly, costing analysis also helps to ensure that your profit margins are sufficient.

For construction and trades businesses with employees, software such as those below allow you as business owner to identify where your money is going, where your employee's time is going, and how much jobs are actually costing.

They also allow you to easily keep track of where all jobs are at, ensuring maximum efficiency. The program works for you, saving you time and energy and allowing you to do what you do best - making money.

Software options we would recommend to consider are ServiceM8, SimPRO, and Workflowmax.

ServiceM8 caters to 'field service' businesses in particular, and is built to be a smart job management system. Its functions to manage jobs & staff, quote & invoice on site, capture signatures, and record notes, photos & videos.

SimPro offers features that are similar to ServiceM8, also allowing streamline inventory tracking and other project management and business reporting solutions.

WorkflowMax is online project management software allowing quoting, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and reporting.

All three of these software options integrate with various accounting software, and allow you to harness valuable reporting insights to increase your profits.