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Other types of software for all businesses

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Check out Insightly and Exsalerate, both reviewed highly.

Filing and Data Entry

Hubdoc is our absolute favourite – we use it as a practice. The process is as easy as taking a photo via the app, or forwarding an email, and artificial intelligence extracts all the important data, leaving you to simply approve it through to Xero software for managing your accounts payable.

The software neatly sorts receipts according to the supplier, and retains them for at least 7 years, fulfilling ATO requirements and meaning no more pesky receipts or invoices lying around. The best part is, Hubdoc is now free as part of Xero Business Edition plans.

If you aren’t using Xero, Hubdoc can still be used for receipt and invoice storage. ReceiptBank is also another alternative with similar function.

Timesheets & Human Resources Management

Users are loving Tsheets for timesheets. Best of all, it has integrations with accounting and payroll software so that you can publish the timesheets, and it prefills your pay run.

Deputy is also an effective tool, has impressive budgeting capabilities, and assists with HR compliance with preloaded award breakdowns.

Debtor Tracking

Chasing up bills is never fun, and not getting paid is even worse. Highly regarded debtor tracking softwares include Chaser, Fluidly, Debtor Daddy and Santago.

Final Words

Inefficiency is one of the biggest money wasters for small businesses. Finding the right software makes your life so much easier, and helps you make and track your money.

The best thing about all the above listed software options is that they all integrate with accounting softwares, from Xero to MYOB.

Considering Xero or MYOB (or Quickbooks, Cash Flow Manager etc)? We can assist you with your accounting needs through both programs. Having experience with all of these software packages, Xero is our favourite due to the efficiency, clarity and valuable tools in provides.

One of their recent releases is a cash flow manager tool, as well as business snapshot, allowing you to keep on top of how your business is tracking at all times.

However, that does not mean that Xero is necessarily the best option for you. Or, it may be, in addition to one of the aforementioned applications.

Please contact us directly for personalized recommendations.